For 10 years and counting, Adrienne has served women in the health and beauty industry through Lip Addyct and her spa Skin Addyct Spa Treatments located in Memphis, TN. Her mission is to create a brand that offers a community of support and women empowerment & she has done just that! Our Addycts are beautiful, inspirational, confident, and motivating to other women.

Lip Addyct glosses and lip paints are easy to use whether at home or on the go.

Our ingredients include vitamins A,C,& E, which are known for their resortative properties- soothing and nursing lips and defending your lips from dryness and splitting.

Lip Addyct is sexy, long-lasting & comes in a variety of colors and formulas. 


"Women aspire to give a natural yet sexy aura. When applying Lip Addyct prouducts you will recieve the powerful confidence that will allow you to walk in any room & command attention".~Adrienne Owens Founder, CEO