Lip Addyct was born out of a love for lip gloss & a love for women! All women want to feel sexy and confident while being allowed to keep things simple.

Lip Addyct lip care products do just that. Our glosses and lacquers are easy to use at home or on the go.

Current Addycts share that they simply can’t leave home without them – they are truly Addyctive! 

Lip Addyct glosses and lacquers are crafted to care for your lips. Ingredients in their formula are known for their restorative properties and defending them from dryness and splitting.

The best part about Lip Addyct lip care products is that, unlike so many others, our glosses and lacquers are not sticky and stay smooth throughout the day!  

Lip Addyct is sexy, long-lasting & comes in a wide variety of colors and types.